How good does it feel to know you are loved by somebody? Right!!!!!?? This track is dedicated to all the people who have passed on that while they were here with us, they made it their mission to LOVE!!! What else is the point of life?? Is there any other reason to live? Is there anything that can make our souls feel better? LOVE IS WATER FOR OUR SOULS! This song is dedicated to THE LOVERS WHO ARE NOW IN HEAVEN!


I grew up in the USA, raised by grandchildren of Syrian/Lebanese and Polish immigrants. When my great grandparents came to the USA they brought with them culture and DEEP FAMILY values! Of course like any family, we have had our share of falling outs and friction over the years, but this song is for the times that we DIDN’T. In fact, that’s the bigger picture. THE LOVE IS BIGGER THAN THE STRUGGLES! Everytime I felt love from a family member or a friend it was like GOD was loving me through the very people he put in my life. And you know what???? Those times felt GOOD and still DO!!!!

This song was divinely inspired! The truth is when I wrote the chorus, it was at a tough time. My Pappy was pretty much beginning his dying journey. I remember visiting him at his home after my Nanna had passed and he was not even well enough to leave his bed. He had been so battered from the amputations, the surgeries and all the medical complications. All I had was MY BIBLE and MY KEYBOARD. I knew he could hear me but he could not talk to me. I wanted to play him something that would help him feel better. I just started playing the two HAPPIEST chords I knew, Amajor to Dmajor! I wanted him to feel HAPPY.

After saying a PRAYER and LIFTING him up I asked GOD to give me the words and HE DID!! Next what came out was what is now the CHORUS to the song. “IT FEELS GOOD TO KNOW THAT I’M LOVED BY YOU!!”. I wanted my Pappy to know how good it felt to know I was loved by him. My whole life he spent trying to BLESS his offspring and grandchildren with a good life. He worked hard being a butcher and he had put in the time to bring us all on vacations and often shower us with birthday and holiday gifts. I thought his spirit would receive this song with joy. I believe it did and when he passed I completed the song and played it at his funeral. The verses were taken from an anonymous poem which was on the back of his funeral card. This song is meant to recall the good times in life that were filled with antidote for every kind of pain, LOVE!!

Performing on this track I was blessed yet again to have QUEEN RICA NEWELL (Stephen Marley, Melody Makers) on this track. This was the first song we ever worked on together and LORD DID SHE BLESS IT with her AUTHENTIC JAMAICAN REGGAE SPIRITUAL VIBES!! On top of that had several other incredible people contribute to the production resulting in for me probably the most DIGESTIBLE ORGANIC REGGAE FUSION POP song I have ever wrote and produced. Please share it with others. It is meant to heal the soul for those in mourning or tough times. BY STANDING IN LOVE, WE CAN OVERCOME EVERYTHING! EVEN DEATH!! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!


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