Psalm 100 MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD! That’s right!! Here goes mine, WUGIE YO YO!!! That’s right, there is no rhyme or reason, just what my SPIRIT was feeling!! GO AHEAD!! SHOUT IT OUT! SHOUT IT LOUD!! WUGIE YO YO!! MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTIL THE LORD!!


This was the first song I wrote as a solo artist. Truth be told I was just setting up my at home recording studio and I was testing the microphone and this is what came out! On the recording the chorus is actually the ORIGINAL recording of that, meaning I never redid it or anything! What came out was meant to be GIVE THANKS AND PRAISES!!! Sometimes in life it’s like that, something so simple and seemingly meaningless is just the opposite MEANING AS CAN BE!

WUGIE YO YO is quite possibly the most popular song off my first record MY FIRE and possibly the song most people know me by. Just google WUGIE YO YO by BLINDMAN. I am pretty sure I own that space and now I share it with you. MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE and DOWNLOAD this song for FREE. When I play LIVE SHOWS the kids love this one, I usually invite them up on stage and they sing and dance around. You’d be surprised how HAPPY PEOPLE GET WHEN THEY WUGIE YO YO!! It makes sense though, our SOULS REJOICE WHEN WE PRAISE GOD!!! That’s what i love most about REGGAE MUSIC! Is the SPIRITUALITY! In fact, in REGGAE MUSIC the term JAH comes from the word HALLELUJAH which literally means PRAISE GOD!!!! SO PRAISE JAH!!!!

This song was written in my early formation years of being a solo artist. At the time I was sharing the stage with artists like THE ROOTS, KANYE WEST, THE BLACK EYED PEAS and major artists like WYCLEF and LUDACRIS before I left my band. Like Bob Marley proclaimed JAH and RASTAFARI in his music, I believed GOD was calling me to proclaim GOD and JESUS CHRIST in the profoundly same way! Did you know BOB MARLEY was baptised a CHRISTIAN 3 years before he passed? True story, I will share more on that another time but most people don’t know. Of course, we are one and no doubt we are all GOD’s blessed children no matter what are background and culture! EVERY KNEE SHALL BEND! CONQUERING LION OF JUDAH SET US FREE from HUMAN BONDAGE AND SIN!! NOW LET’S GET OUR PRAISE ON and WHILE YOUR AT IT CHECK OUT MY ENTIRE MY FIRE album. REMEMBER, GREATER IS THE ONE IN YOU, THAN THE ONE IN THE WORLD!!! BLESS!!


Check out the 1st VIDEO I ever shot, in the EARLY DAYS!!! JESUS REGGAE FUSION FROM THE START!!!

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